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The Keywork library is framework agnostic, modular, and compatible with Cloudflare Workers, Deno, and Node.js.

Creating a new app from scratch

If you're using Cloudflare, or would like to start from a template, checkout the Keywork Starter Kit. The kit includes support for React, TypeScript, and ESBuild.

Adding Keywork to your existing codebase

Keywork is often added to an existing web app when a developer wants to migrate their deployment to a V8 Isolate runtime, such as Cloudflare Workers or Deno.

Let's start by adding Keywork to your project via Yarn:

Run in the root of your project.
$ yarn add keywork

If your app uses React...

You'll need additional peer dependencies:

Run in the root of your project.
$ npm install --save react react-dom