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Module Overview

The missing piece that unlocks the full power of storing and querying data from your Worker. Keywork Collections are a NoSQL, eventually-consistent ODM for Cloudflare's Worker KV. With an API reminiscent of Firebase and MongoDB, Keywork Collections are perfect for migrating your existing backend to Cloudflare's network.

The KeyworkCollection class extends the Worker KV API without abstracting away important details.

Using Keywork collections from within a Cloudflare Worker.

compatibility_date = "2022-02-13"
name = "example-app"
route = "*"

kv_namespaces = [
{ binding = "users", id = "abcd123...", preview_id = "efgh456..."},

Creating a advanced request handler with a Keywork Collection.

import { StatusCodes } from 'http-status-codes'
import { KeyworkCollection } from '@keywork/collections'
import { KeyworkResourceError } from 'keywork/errors'
import { KeyworkRequestHandler, parsePathname } from 'keywork'

interface ExampleAppBindings {
exampleApp: KVNamespace

interface GetUserParams {
userID: string

interface ExampleUser {
firstName: string
lastName: string
role: 'member' | 'admin'
plan: 'free' | 'paid'

class UserAPIHandler extends KeyworkRequestHandler<ExampleAppBindings> {
async onRequestGet({ request, env }: IncomingRequestData<ExampleAppBindings>) {
const { params } = parsePathname<GetUserParams>('/users/:userID', request)
const usersCollection = new KeyworkCollection<ExampleUser>(env.exampleApp, 'users')
const userRef = usersCollection.createDocumentReference(params.userID)
const userSnapshot = await userRef.fetchSnapshot()

if (!userSnapshot.exists) {
throw new KeyworkResourceError('User does not exist', StatusCodes.BAD_REQUEST)

const user = userSnapshot.value

if (user.plan !== 'paid') {
throw new KeyworkResourceError('You must have a paid plan', StatusCodes.PAYMENT_REQUIRED)

if (user.role !== 'admin') {
throw new KeyworkResourceError('Only an admin can access this page', StatusCodes.FORBIDDEN)

export default UserAPIHandler


import * as Collections from 'keywork/collections'



Other Type Aliases

Path Parsing Type Aliases