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Module Overview

Keywork includes a collection of components that are useful for building a full web app within just a single V8 Worker, or among a collection of Workers.

Generally, you won't need to use these components directly and Keywork will handle the rendering of the HTML document for you. However, if you need more control over the rendering process, you can use these components to build your hydration logic.


The KeyworkHTMLDocument component is the most commonly used. It is used to wrap the entire application, and is responsible for rendering the HTML document that is sent to the client. It is here where you can inject your own <head> content, such as <meta> tags, <link> tags, and <script> tags.


The KeyworkProviders component offers a advanced approach to wrapping your entire application with a React context, such as a react-router provider, or react-redux provider. This isn't a component per se, but rather a slot that you can use to inject your own provider component.


import * as Components from 'keywork/components'



Type Aliases